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"Building green is both financially prudent & socially responsible. I highly recommend Clean Green Real Estate in the PA market."

Jim Simcoe
- Founder of Simcoe Green Homes


"Revitalizing  communities and making a difference is the greatest gift on Earth."

Maureen Janco
- Clean Green Real Estate, LLC


"Where there is great love there are always miracles."

Willa Cather

"I know of no restorative of heart, body, and soul more effective against hopelessness than the restoration of the Earth."

Barry Lopez -
Helping Nature Heal


"What I'm looking for is not out there, it is in me."

Helen Keller

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  • Cracks in Your Concrete Got You Concerned?

    Thin cracks along a concrete foundation may be the result of settlement in the concrete and not necessarily be a cause for concern? What you need to pay attention to is the shape and direction of the divide. Long, horizontal splits in the concrete could indicate pressure from the outside — possibly from saturated soil — that would need to be repaired. Normal settlement doesn’t generally cause horizontal cracks. Utilize a Structural Engineer for cracks that leak water or are... Click to Continue

  • Moving? What Do I Do First?

    So I come from a very large family of 9 girls and 1 boy and as the younger one in the Fam I am often the “Go-To” Girl when it comes to moving one of my siblings from their home to another.¬† Don’t mind it at all, as long as there is a plan! Moving can be stressful and extremely overwhelming yet let me give you some pointers, since I have been through it a gazillion times! RULE #1: THIS... Click to Continue