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Moving? What Do I Do First?

So I come from a very large family of 9 girls and 1 boy and as the younger one in the Fam I am often the "Go-To" Girl when it comes to moving one of my siblings from their home to another.  Don't mind it at all, as long as there is a plan! Moving can be stressful and extremely overwhelming yet let me give you some pointers, since I have been through it a gazillion times! RULE #1: THIS IS CRITICAL, NOTICE THE CAPS......ALWAYS WEAR TENNIS SHOES!  I recall moving my Brother in or out of college and I saw several girls wearing high heel shoes! Really! This isn't a beauty contest so think sensible!  I am sure th ... Click to Continue

Is It Time To Sell Your Home?

Selling your home can be a daunting task.  You first have to decide is it the right time to sell?  There are financial and emotional factors that you need to consider. Simply ask yourself why do you want to sell.  At times people simple outgrow their home and there is just not enough room.  Other times all the children have grown and Mom and Dad are left at home to maintain a 5 bedroom home and a few acres.  Either way it is always a good idea to map out the Pros and Cons to your decision to move. If your house is too big it is always best to downsize which will help you save the wear and tear on your body t ... Click to Continue

Real Estate “A” Words for the Week

Learning more about Real Estate and the terms in which are used in the industry?  It is time to educate yourself on what it all means.  Below you will find a few "A" words that will help you out this week.  A complete list of all real estate terms will be posted this week under our Helpful Hints Section so come back and check it out. Abatement [1] An official reduction or invalidation of an assessed tax value after the initial assessment.  [2] The termination of a nuisance.  [3] The correction of an u ... Click to Continue

Don’t Steal Someone Else’s Thunder…It’s Not Just a Game! Inspire!

So today I had the enjoyment of looking out my window on what appeared to be one of the most beautiful days in a long time...the sun was shinning and the birds were chirping and flying around with the joys of freedom! As I look in the distance I could see a family playing on the basketball courts enjoying the wonderful Sunday afternoon.  In observing them for some time I saw the Father overpowering the horseplay by stealing the ball off of his young son who was so enjoying just dribbling around and attempting a shot here and there.  The Father then kept shooting shot after shot as if he was the only one on t ... Click to Continue

How to Make the Right Decision in Selling or Buying Your Home

I meet with a lot of great people in my line of work as a Real Estate Investor or Residential Redeveloper.  Some people I meet want out of their home to downsize and save on bills, others need to get out before foreclosure hits and some just want to stop being a homeowner and rent.  On the flip side I meet people who are looking to buy wanting to start a family and excited about the new journey in life of home ownership, etc.   In either situation it is a wonderful opportunity for me to offer real estate solutions to fit their needs. The pressure of today’s economy has everyone second guessing exactly wh ... Click to Continue

The 5-Minute Guide to Flood Insurance: What It Is, How It Works, and Whether You Need It

  You've got house insurance, and assume your property is covered for any type of detrimental occurrence that can possibly take place. However, not all homeowners are aware that home insurance policies don't necessarily cover damage related to a flood, as the risks are too great. As a result, homeowners must purchase flood insurance through a private company. Floods are one of the most common hazards in the US, costing billions of dollars in damage to properties every year. What Is Flood Insurance? Flood insurance policies are typically made available to homeowners in flood-prone ... Click to Continue

Three Hot Renovations That Will Boost Your Home’s Value Without Breaking the Bank

  Are you feeling the "renovation itch" or perhaps looking for a fun project that you can take on which will provide you with a return on your investment? There are numerous home upgrades and renovations that can add value to a home without costing a large sum of money to complete. Let's take a look at three popular home renovations that can increase your home equity without draining your bank account. Paint Your Home Inside and out Painting the interior or exterior of your home costs very little when compared to how much it can freshen up your home's appearance and increase its value. Painting is a ... Click to Continue

Nearing Retirement? Three Reasons Why You Might Consider a ‘Reverse Mortgage’

If you are nearing retirement, a reverse mortgage might be right for you. This type of mortgage essentially allows you to turn your home equity into cash. If you find yourself with little money, a reverse mortgage could be the perfect solution, and here's why. No Worries About Monthly Payments After taking on a mortgage, there are many costs that you have to worry about. One of these problems is mortgage insurance premiums. Add interest and fees from lender service providers to the mix, and you've got yourself many costs. All of these fees can create tremendous headaches, as a large chunk of the loan amoun ... Click to Continue

You’re Not Just Selling a House: How to Promote the Local Community and Lifestyle to Potential Buyers

Have you listed your home up for sale? If so, you've likely spent a lot of time crafting your listing and highlighting the many features of your home and property – but have you focused on the community around your home as well? Let's take a look at a few ways that you can promote the qualities of your local neighborhood as you're working to convince a buyer that purchasing your home is a great decision. Give Your Buyers The A Tour Of The Neighborhood After your listing goes live it won't be long before potential buyers and their agents are calling to set up viewings so they can see what your home looks l ... Click to Continue