Creating a Personal Sanctuary Inside your Home

With the way life seems to get hectic and out of control at times, it’s a great idea to have a private retreat where you can go take sanctuary and regain your inner peace and calmness.  You need to look at your own living space and find a special spot that is yours alone… where you can get away without going anywhere.  We at Clean Green Real Estate, LLC encourage people to take some quiet time daily to think,  seek understanding and meaning in their lives, and meditate; and your private retreat should inspire you to do just that. Great ideas have been inspired by private, uninterrupted time away from the bustle of mundane activities. If meditation seems too metaphysical or “out there” for you, do a quick Google search of “meditation studies”  and be amazed at all the studies done (many at world-class Universities including several at Harvard) that prove meditation has a positive effect on the human brain.  Specifically, it has been shown to improve concentration and reduce stress levels in people whether they are currently in a meditative state or not. Those that meditate feel refreshed and inspired to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Step one for creating your home sanctuary is figuring out where you want to place it.  Maybe it’s a corner of your bedroom or perhaps you have the luxury of having an extra room in your house to turn into your sanctuary room.  Your special spot to unwind might be the bathtub or it could be outside in your garden next to a relaxing fountain.Find your own “most-comfortable” sanctuary spot in your home and then take that spot and make it your special retreat using the following tips.

Customize your sanctuary using colors, music and smells that suit your personal preferences.

Movies use music to set the stage, using sound for dramatic effect, to increase suspense or even to prolong a goodbye. Play music in your sanctuary to help you unwind. Play soothing music to promote relaxation. Several university studies have shown correlations between listening to classical music and an increase in focus and concentration.  Play whatever suits the mood you want to create in your special place…be creative!

A great deal of research has been done on color’s effect on mood. Painting your sanctuary space yellow will inspire energy and a bright mood. Green, blue, and purple promote relaxation and calmness. These colors may even lower blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate.  Japanese hospitals are painted a healing shade of sea-foam green.  Use color to give you a place to escape and engage your natural talents!

Research performed by Dr. Brian Raudenbush, the Department Chair of psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University, shows the smell of lavender is particularly effective at reducing human stress hormones. Peppermint promotes energy and wakefulness. Place a scented candle, some incenses, or some live plants in your sanctuary to match your desired energy there.

Collect your personal treasures

In order to have a quiet retreat that feels comforting and personal, you’ll want to collect things that are really special to you.  Pictured of loved ones or important moments in your life are usually a good start. Place some books that are important to you, some music that inspires you, etc. Each individual has his or her own thoughts on what a private space should be.Even the most humble and natural of things becomes a treasure when it is gathered in your special place.Make sure you’re surrounded by things that are treasured and speak to your inner self.

Easy as that! Now you’re ready to enjoy your special spot, spend some time in thought, meditation, prayer, and reap the benefits in your life!

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