Don’t Steal Someone Else’s Thunder…It’s Not Just a Game! Inspire!

So today I had the enjoyment of looking out my window on what appeared to be one of the most beautiful days in a long time…the sun was shinning and the birds were chirping and flying around with the joys of freedom!

As I look in the distance I could see a family playing on the basketball courts enjoying the wonderful Sunday afternoon.  In observing them for some time I saw the Father overpowering the horseplay by stealing the ball off of his young son who was so enjoying just dribbling around and attempting a shot here and there.  The Father then kept shooting shot after shot as if he was the only one on the court.  

The excitements once shown from the young boy quickly changed to disappointment and frustration as he couldn’t seem to get the ball back from his Father…and so his interest diminished!  There was no encouragement from the Father nor was their any education or time taken to inspire his son on his passion he had first had and showed for the game.

I thought about this for a while and I’ve seen this same thing happen again and again.  In fact at one point in time I lived it with what I thought were friends of mine.  I later realized that the constant lack of encouragement and mind games played were stopping me from growing and being at peace…so I gave them the boot and have not looked back.

If you steal someone’s passion by not inspiring, encouraging and in teaching him or her what have you accomplished?  The Father most likely thought nothing of it because he seemed to just be enjoying himself.  The young boy, however eventually went to play off in the corner with his other siblings a different game….was it because he wanted to or because his joy was stomped out and the fun was gone? We may never know.  In fact, this little spitfire of energy could have ended up being the next Michael Jordan with a little bit of encouragement!

Moral of the story, don’t steal someone else’s thunder because life isn’t just another game.  Educate, inspire and allow your passion to empower others to find their niche!  When you do this and when you surround yourself with like-minded people what can be accomplished is beyond amazing!

We have a  wonderful opportunity here in the field of real estate to do exactly this!  Don’t keep your real estate career to yourself.  Share, learn and love every moment of it!   Go encourage and inspire someone today young minds and watch the transformation of empowerment happen before your eyes!

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