Forever In Blue Jeans



As a Real Estate Developer you never know what to expect when visiting a home or a commercial property.  You don’t know when you have to climb up on a rooftop, fight pigeons or bats in an attic, run from a dog who once appeared to be your best friend or pick yourself up after sliding down a hill from the improper usage of downspouts which have allowed the water to drain down through the ground and back into the foundation of the home.  Ahh…all these things and more I have gone through too many times that the nightmares have somewhat subsided!   This “unknown” in our world, finds me constantly and forever in blue jeans! That’s right my Levi’s 512 have protected me from the dirt and grime of foreclosed/abandoned  properties,  from  dog drool and fangs wanting to taste my flesh just for the thrill of it! My preparation now in home or commercial property finding includes all the essentials: camera, flashlights, digital tape measurer, paper and pen, digital recorder, tenner’s/boots and other miscellaneous items and of course my blue jeans!  I shall never not wear them for they have saved my legs from great trauma and as a Women Real Estate Developer! To All the Lady Developers out there you can do this…it’s all in the preparation!

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