How to Make the Right Decision in Selling or Buying Your Home

I meet with a lot of great people in my line of work as a Real Estate Investor or Residential Redeveloper.  Some people I meet want out of their home to downsize and save on bills, others need to get out before foreclosure hits and some just want to stop being a homeowner and rent.  On the flip side I meet people who are looking to buy wanting to start a family and excited about the new journey in life of home ownership, etc.   In either situation it is a wonderful opportunity for me to offer real estate solutions to fit their needs.

The pressure of today’s economy has everyone second guessing exactly what to do when buying or selling a home. Do I put my house on the market now or should I wait?  Would it be a good time for me to buy or is it too risky? These are very good questions and the only way to determine the answer is to do your due diligence.  There are great resources out there that are free like or which will allow you to plug in your address and see what they value your home at.  It will give you a ballpark figure as to the range you can shoot for, although note they do not know the actual upgrades or even lack thereof that the interior of the home may hold.  They base their findings on the amount of bedrooms, baths and SF, etc.  On you can notice comps which will show you a few of your neighbors and what their properties are estimated for in value compared to yours.  This is always good to check out because now you can compare what is listed as to what you may have seen when visiting your neighbors.

Another great option to determine what your house is worth or the home you are about to buy is to find a qualified local appraiser to give you an “As Is” appraisal on your property or the property you are about to buy.  These reports that appraisers do are quite eye-opening and will put things into perspective, again if you go with a qualified appraiser.  The reports do cost and appraisals prices can differ greatly.  Call a few appraisers in your area and ask lots of questions. It would even be a good idea to ask the appraiser for a few referrals and then this way you can call these referrals and check on the services provided.

Lastly, you could reach out to us here at Clean Green Real Estate, LLC for a FREE consultation of your property you are trying to sell.  We will assess your home and if it fits our criteria we can even make you an all Cash Offer on the spot!  Cash Offer means that we do not have to go through a bank for a mortgage and wait 30+ days for the process to take place.  Cash Offer also means that we can close rather quickly, at times 1-2 weeks if it suits your schedule!  We take all the hassle and headaches out the process so that you can free your mind and enjoy the next chapter in your life.

Clean Green Real Estate wishes you much success and peace as you take on this next step in your life.  We are here to help.   Call is with any questions you may have.  We look forward to serving you!

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