Inspiration Is All Around Us…90 Year Olds Loving Life Shouldn’t You?

Years ago I was a caregiver for a beautiful 96-year-old Women named Vera. Vera and I shared many hours together and I was ever so grateful for the opportunity.  She was a very tall, broad-shouldered Lady with the determination and spunk of someone half her age!  Each and every day she amazed me! She loved talking and watching her television shows in the evening hours.  I happened to be one of several ladies caring for her throughout her days. My main shift was during the evening hours which had me spending time with her at dinner, getting her ready for bed and tending to her as needed throughout the night into the morning.  This time was extremely precious that I shared with her…I shall never forget this time or her.

I recall one day introducing to her some exercises to help her get started on a routine.  I was blown away by her excitement in getting them done and how she tried so hard to complete each one.  There were even times she’d add one or two more extras to show me her strength.  She was extremely strong at her age and the only true setback she had at this time was her legs had started to give out.  She had, had a previous fall prior to me coming on board and was now forced to use a walker.  She hated this walker and depending on other people, but she knew she had to utilize it until she got stronger and for that I give her so much credit.  She embraced her situation and worked hard to come back strong.  Her determination stemmed from being so independent in life during her earlier years. In fact, to me through the stories she mentioned she seemed to be a great goal-setter and accomplisher and I could just feel it in her character. We talked of all sorts of things during my visits with her that made me each day love her more.  As we added more to the exercise routine I could see her feeling more and more confident.  We’d circle the living room, kitchen and foyer areas down through the hall to make a track like maze in her home and each and every time she’d check her time to see how much better she did from the day before. You could tell she was loving life, no matter what it had dealt her and that was and still is breathtaking  to me!

It’s something today as I sit here, it feels like it was just yesterday. See I cared for Vera for 2 years until she passed away at the age of 98 . I am thankful I was able to be there with her during her last days,  to hold her hand and comfort her.  Her strength, passion, desire and determination she had shown during those two years  continue to inspire me and push me today to be better, to give more and to try harder. I know that whatever we go through, whatever state we are in, in our lives if we stay true to who we are and work hard we will get there.

So as we move into 2015 we here at Clean Green Real Estate, LLC pray that you too will have the determination, desire, strength and passion as Vera had shown me over the years to do your best and to spread that love to others in life.  It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, it matters how you do what you do.  It is never too late to follow your dreams and love what you do!

If you have any doubt, you need to check out Eleanor Cunningham who at 90 years old decided to take a love she had to new heights….this just goes to show each one of us that dreams can come true and if you set your mind to it you can achieve it.  Read Eleanor’s amazing story below.

P.S. You can do anything!  Go get your “it” in 2015

Eleanor ‘Nanny’ Cunningham

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