It’s Not Just Real Estate….

If you have ever had a dream, a passion, a love for “something”, “someone”, a knowledge that there is something bigger/better calling you, you know where I sit tonight as I work into the wee morning hours again. I don’t just buy and sell real estate…for me it is so much more. The passion that drives me is an indescribable euphoria filled with so much love for my community and for people in general.   It is for Terri whom I bought my first property from. I met her driving through town as she placed a “For Sale” sign in her yard. Her world was crushed by the loss of her Father and the burden of dealing with selling one of his last rental properties was overwhelming. This property held a very dear place in her heart because she grew up in this home. Within a few minutes we found ourselves sharing life experiences on an extremely personal level and the tears flowed as hours passed in conversation.   We connected in such a way that was and still is priceless to me today.

The passion that drives me is for Patti who with three sons and who was working two jobs just to find herself losing the battle of trying to maintain a home and make payments. She was overwhelmed and in her words “lost”. She didn’t know what to do or how to deal with two mortgage companies who didn’t seem to care that she was doing everything she could. Although I didn’t buy Patti’s home I was able to direct her to a solution. Patti and I spent a great deal of time together and she has such a precious spot in my heart.

The passion that drives me is for Jean who had a little home in the country that no other Investor would take the time to come and look at. Jean lived out of State but had this home in the country where for the last 7 years she did what she had done 20+ years prior with her husband, spending 3 months of the year there. She was in her late 80’s and yet she would take this trip from Florida faithfully. The home held great memories for her, yet maintaining it had become but a burden due to the upkeep needed and faulty workmanship of the past that “pretend-to-be” Contractors had done. Her precious soul and sweet, kind heart is something that will be forever unforgettable.

There are so many people I can mention here that have touched me in my life in so many ways and for that I am so thankful. I may not seem like the normal Real Estate Investor and in some ways I am sure I am not, yet I know I will get to where I need to be and I shall let my passion drive me.

I reach out to you tonight for each one of us in our own way has something special to give. You must tap into your passion, for so many people need you to. They need to see it and be inspired by it. If one life can be changed by a simple action as to us listening, caring then imagine how we can change the world one day at a time. Find your niche…what makes you happy and spread that joy! Join me, let’s make a difference!

Clean Green Real Estate, LLC …. “Together We Can Make A Difference!”

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