“Marmoleum” A Green Building Product to Consider…

Marmoleum is true Linoleum that is all natural – providing a healthy indoor environment. Marmoleum is a   natural flooring material made with natural ingredients. It’s one of the few flooring products made almost entirely from natural raw materials – it’s composed of linseed oil (from flax seed), rosins (from pine) and wood flour (a waste produced by the lumber industry), all calendered onto a natural jute backing. The colors are made from environmentally responsible  pigments and even the adhesives used to install Marmoleum are natural, safe and environmentally friendly. Marmoleum is a sustainable choice in flooring:  because of its natural properties, it actually becomes stronger over its life, so it will last a long time. It is also biodegradable! Marmoleum stays cleaner than other floors   and tends to repel dust and dirt due to its anti static properties.There are different types of Marmoleum:

  1. Sheet Marmoleum is available in over 120 colors. Full rolls are 79″ (2 meters)   wide, and 105´ in length. Colors can be combined, making tons of possibilities   for your home design.
  2. Marmoleum Tile sheeting is also available as a glue-down tile. Available in a select number of color options and in 13″ x 13″ or 20″ x 20″   tile sizes.
  3. Marmoleum Click floors are easily installed. The flooring comes in panels which slot   together with a simple ‘In & Out’ system. Allowing you to simply ‘click’   the panels into place. The panels are nice and wide, so a good smooth floor   is quickly finished. No glue is required!

Give it a try today… You will not be disappointed!

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