Mental Yoga: A Six-Step Guide To Making Time For The Activities You Love


Everybody struggles with not having enough time and you know in this world as a Real Estate Developer time seems to be very slim. This lack of time is such a common issue that most people just tend to throw their arms up in the air and give up on making more time for themselves…this is one of the problems in today’s world. So I sat down and wrote this blog in hopes of helping you and to help keep me in check as well. Let’s try these methods below together, be consistent and get the best results for our life and our future that we deserve:

1) Identify All The Time Wasters

Everyone has time wasters. What are these? They’re just things people do that don’t contribute to their lives at all: they don’t help them relax, but they also don’t help them get things done.

Watching TV or surfing the internet are great examples of time wasters. These things can indeed help you relax. However, if you go overboard with them, you’ll find that all they do is consume your time.

Pay close attention to these things, and once you’ve identified them, make a conscious effort to cut them out. This will free up time for you.

2) Start Scheduling Your Time

This works great for some, but not for others. Give it a try to find out if it helps you. After getting rid of time wasters, you should start planning out your time.

By doing this, you might find more time wasters that you didn’t know about before. Additionally, it will help you figure out exactly which things you should spend more time on than others. I have personally been writing out my weekly goals for my business, life, family and more…following it up with the bigger monthly and yearly goal plan. It has done wonders for me!

3) Group Activities Together

Regardless of whether scheduling works for you or not, you should think about which activities go together. Why? This will help you waste less time.

For example, when it comes to errands, running as many as possible on the same day is a better idea than spreading them out. You’ll spend less time going back and forth this way, thus freeing up time. I am a list maker! In fact, I normally always have one on me! I love to cross off the different tasks I accomplish and see where I start and what I can get done in a day. Some say it is a sickness but I couldn’t live without it! I am not obsessed just organized for I know without a list I wouldn’t accomplish much.

4) Take A Close Look At Your Routine

Many people have routines that they’ve fallen into. On occasions, these routines are not very time-efficient. If this is your case, start thinking of changing up your routine. Ahh…this is the big one for me! When I am on a routine the day flows great! I feel better and I have loads of free time. This is critical to success!

5) Saying ‘No’ Is Not Always Bad

If you feel obliged to constantly help out people in your life, maybe it’s time to stop. Helping others is great from time to time, but when it’s taking a toll on your life, it’s not all that good. I heard someone say this once and I fought it over and over again in my head! I love helping people, but they are right…at times you have to balance in life and unfortunately cut back the favors you do for others. If you take care of your life, your business and build upon systems to make the process efficient you will then have the time to give back in ways you can’t even imagine. Trust me.

6) Get Distractions Out Of The Way

After having planned your activities carefully, ensure that you spend time doing what you actually planned on doing. If you planned to study, for example, but end up listening to music, it’s a sign that you need to change something.

Distractions are all around, so cutting out as many as possible will help keep on track.

Putting thought into your schedule will help you get more time to spend doing things you love. Whether that’s reading, meditating, running, or cooking, if you like doing it, it’s important. Your schedule should allow you the time you need to do the things you love. With all that said, it is time to implement and reap the rewards! You can do this….WE shall do it together!

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