Moving? What Do I Do First?

So I come from a very large family of 9 girls and 1 boy and as the younger one in the Fam I am often the “Go-To” Girl when it comes to moving one of my siblings from their home to another.  Don’t mind it at all, as long as there is a plan! Moving can be stressful and extremely overwhelming yet let me give you some pointers, since I have been through it a gazillion times!

RULE #1: THIS IS CRITICAL, NOTICE THE CAPS……ALWAYS WEAR TENNIS SHOES!  I recall moving my Brother in or out of college and I saw several girls wearing high heel shoes! Really! This isn’t a beauty contest so think sensible!  I am sure they were paying for it at the end of that day!

RULE #2:  If you have small children, have your parents or a babysitter elsewhere take care of the kids.  Trust me you will get so much more done!

RULE #3: Prepare in advance 3 days of healthy meals and put them in the refrigerator.  This way you will not be completely exhausted and have to order out every day and feel miserable with yourself! It’s all in the preparation!

RULE #4: Roughly 1 week prior to packing call your local donation center and book a pickup.  When packing separate items in boxes that you haven’t needed or will never use into a certain area near the door so that you can rid yourself of these items and someone else in need can utilize them.  You will be so happy you did this come unloading the truck into your new home! Can you say FREEDOM!

RULE #5: If you have items you want to sell you will need to map this out ahead of time say 3-4 weeks prior to the move and post on or run an ad in your local paper.  Don’t forget to call your friends too.  Post on Facebook….whatever it takes. The more you can part prior to the move the better. Your ad should say something like “Moving Motivated Seller Loads of Items, Great Savings!”

RULE #6: Pack a personal box for yourself in a suitcase for 1 week of clothing and supplies with all the necessities to get ready for the day.  This will save you a great deal of time searching for items and just simplify your life.

RULE #7: Be sure to have all of your supplies at your fingertips! You don’t want to stop every second to go find something you are in need of.  Gather the following items and you will be ready to get into a rhythm and before you know it you will be done: boxes (small, medium, and large), packing tape, roll of bubble wrap for fragile pieces, permanent black markers, labels, trash bags, wardrobe boxes! Every box gets labeled by the room in which they will go in the new house: Bathroom, Living Room, etc.  If you have heavy boxes…books, etc. make sure you mark the outside of the box that it is “heavy” so you don’t pick it up without being careful and bending those legs!  These items should be put on the truck last that way you have less of way to carry it and since they will be in the back you should have more energy at the start of unloading these first and hopefully avoiding an injury!

RULE #8: MAJOR RULE HERE >>>>>> ALWAYS BE SURE YOUR ITEMS ARE CLEANED OFF BEFORE PACKING AWAY! REMOVE ALL DUST….WASH CLOTHES! It drives me nuts when people do not do this because when they get to their new home they only create more problems and work to do!  It is to be a fresh start, a new experience so start it off right!

RULE #9: Stick to a system and a plan! Do not change things up!  This will make the process smooth and you will feel so much more at ease.

RULE #10: Be sure to take breaks as needed and don’t overdo it!  Drink plenty of water and be sure to get your rest each night.  Safety is the most important!


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