To RealeFlow or Not to RealeFlow?

Throughout the last week and a half I decided to spend some time reviewing and using the new RealeFlow Software. Before I go into what I have learned and my thoughts on how the software works I have to give you a little background about myself.

Years ago, prior to getting involved in real estate, I was hired by company that truly had no system in place to keep track of their clients and potential clients. Contact names were everywhere! Each Employee, from the General Manager to the Engineers to the Marketing Department, Regional Managers, etc. were keeping contacts in their notebooks, on a sticky pad or in their phones. There was no way of knowing who talked to who last, what stage the deal was in or what other items the individual would like to talk about for the next follow-up discussion. You could imagine my frustrations! All I saw was pure chaos, confusion and money going out the door! I was literally sick because opportunities were being missed to help clients, to do proper marketing with direct mail campaigns, email campaigns and more.

I so welcomed the challenge to get things in order and get my hands dirty…and so I did. I first researched many software Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Softwares….SalesForce, SalesLogic, ACT, etc. Based on budget and where the Company was at that time ACT by Sage was chosen. I worked hand-in-hand with the ACT Sales Rep to get all of the data fields needed in the system, along with a lot of marketing functionality that I needed to do my Marketing position the right way. After all of this was done, which took a very long time, I then had to train all of the people within our company, create new procedures and work everything for the internal employees for some time until I could bring in our Regional Managers, Distributors and Representatives. This CRM tool changed the life of this Company and all those using it. Everything was now in one place, automated and accessible to all. Most importantly by implementing this tool it allowed for quick easy follow-ups to be done with historical tracking which kept everyone on the same page, closed more deals, saved money and created the ability for our clients to have the best Customer Service possible. By putting this good foundation in place I was then able to do major direct mail and email campaigns which eventually allowed me to build and manage a 100k+ contact database list for this Company. This accomplishment would have been impossible without a CRM system in place.

As you can see, I have been there! I understand the importance of putting tools in place that allow you to work smarter and not harder! This is why I am unbelievably proud of the direction RealeFlow has taken with this new platform! It is beyond comparison to the old RealeFlow. In fact, I utilized a few of the functionalities in the old system and wasn’t sold because I just wanted and needed more. I began researching other software’s and I couldn’t find what was needed. I simply wanted one software to do everything that I needed it to do to grow with my business and not something that would force me to use other systems to get the job done. I also wanted something that would allow me to outsource much of the tasks that I now do daily…after all that is how you can grow your business the right way and quickly!

So after the FortuneBuilders Ignite Event in Vegas and the RealeFlow presentation by Greg Clement and Josh Tobias I decided to give the new RealeFlow a shot and go all in and see what it can do. I am blown away! It is extremely easy to use. Everything is right there in one place guiding you through the process and allowing you to keep things not only organized but on track to seal the next deal. The functionality is awesome and it has everything in it that you will need as an Investor to grow with your business. Along with this powerful tool I so appreciate that RealeFlow implemented the Chat function on the website which makes life easier when you have a quick question. Their Customer Service Support has been top notch which is what I wanted and expected to see. In fact, I not only utilized their Chat Support but I called in with questions and spoke directly to several people at RealeFlow. Along with this awesome one-on-one support the knowledge base of learning within the RealeFlow University can not be beat!  RealeFlow truly cares about its users and for this they get an “A+” rating from me for Customer Service.

The forethought by the RealeFlow and FortuneBuilder Team in bringing us this latest software is unbelievable! It truly embraces what we have been taught within the Mastery Program and they have grouped something here in this robust tool that is really not even comprehensible as to what it can do for your business! I honestly and truly believe that!

In fact, as I imported my database, entered my properties and utilized the slick features such as “public info” (raw data pull in per property), image uploads, comp/evaluations, repair estimator, deal analyzer , power matching and much more I realized that my search for a proper CRM in the real estate investment world was found! It is simply amazing what I have experienced here during these last few weeks and I haven’t even touched everything within the software. I am excited to jump in and learn more. If you haven’t tried the new RealeFlow yourself please do. I am reminded of this quote that I have hanging in my office which says it all: “When you lose control of the flow of information you don’t know what you lost!” This is so true. Imagine losing a deal where you can profit 20k+ because you don’t have a good system in place to keep track of it and follow-up. Now multiply that by 2 or 3 or even more…without a CRM you are losing money and lots of it fast!

I leave you with this….Real Estate Investing is all about relationship building. Isn’t it time for you to step up your game and put the tools in place that will allow you to grow and manage your buyers list, your properties and your life!  Work smarter not harder! Try RealeFlow and let me know what you think!

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