Removing Smoke and Pet Odors from a Home


As exciting as selling or buying a home should be, there’s no denying that it can be a stressful endeavor for those interested in making their investment an attractive option for buyers. Nowhere is this more evident than for homeowners who were former smokers or even pet owners who have allowed their pets to do as they please on the carpets, hardwood or linoleum flooring throughout the home. While it’s truly commendable to quit smoking or to train your pet, removing the smell of these preexisting odors from a home can feel like an impossible task. With that in mind, here are some of the most effective ways to remove the smoke and pet odors that I know you will love!
Make Preparations Beforehand

Cigarette smoke has a nasty habit of trapping itself into virtually every facet of a home. If you purchase the home as an investment property you will want to remove everything that you can from the home that is not necessary and that will be replaced. Carpet, curtains, flooring, furniture…etc. are a few of these items that tend to really absorb odors. Although it is very difficult to pinpoint the areas that are most problematic, by taking this approach you are at least increasing your chances of breathing easier! Before starting the actual cleaning process, open all of the doors and windows throughout the home to help it air out naturally.

Call In the Troops – Call Your Friends

Now that you have the bulk of the problem items out of the home you’ll want to call your friends and get some help on spraying everything down and painting the walls and ceilings. If you offer pizza and drinks normally they will come running…the more the merrier! Be sure to eat outside while the place is airing out.

Here are a just a few really good product solutions that I suggest you use:

  1. Vamoose 1808T Tobacco Odor Fabric Spray is a product used by several Rental Car Agencies and Major Hotels that is a gem. It works by getting into the fabric and chemically converts the tar and nicotine into a non-volatile gaseous state. It smells strong for about an hour so be prepared but after that…the odor is permanently gone. This stuff is amazing!! One company that sells it is called Hill Country Distribution in Austin Texas. You can contact them at (512) 784-4024 and get some more information.
  2. For an all-natural solution that continuously removes offensive pet, smoking and cooking odors, the Ionic Paint Additive Air-ReNu is a blend of 27 natural organic minerals made of a variety of elements, aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and lithium. These minerals are finely ground then mixed with paint, when applied to a wall of a home. The entire wall surface becomes a purification system, cleansing the air of offensive smoking odors. One treatment will remain effective for 10-12 years. Check it out at

Do Your Due Diligence

No matter what product you try be sure to contact the company, read the instructions and make sure it works for the type of material you have in your home. It is always a great idea to find a small spot in a corner and try products to make sure no discoloration or issues come from it.

Lastly, as an Investor don’t steer away from these types of homes. They can be a real golden nugget in your pocketbook. Figure out the product that works best for you and put it in your system arsenal for every home that you do! Great way to solve a problem and create a solution of a beautiful rehabbed home back on the market for a happy new homeowner!

Clean Green Real Estate, LLC highly suggests staying away from toxic chemicals and using natural product types to combat existing odors. If you are looking for a solution for your particular need or if you have a home you just don’t feel like going through the hassle of purifying and cleaning it before you sell it do not hesitate to contact us here at Clean Green Real Estate. We will take care of all your headaches! We always look forward to serving you! Contact us at 724-207-1129.

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