Solar Power Is The Game Winner!

Solar Power is a game winner! It utilizes the energy which comes from the sun. Its free! It’s an inexhaustible fuel source. It gives off no waste or pollution. It is the cleanest and safest form of power that we have today. Implementing solar power into our businesses and homes saves you money and it helps the environment.

Solar power technology captures energy from the sun in a variety of ways such as:

Solar cells- the most common devices that turn sunlight into electricity. They are combined into modules of which solar panels are made up of.

Solar water heaters- Basically, heat from the sun is used to heat water through glass panels which are installed on roofs, known as solar collectors. Solar collectors deal with heat from the sun (solar thermal energy) as opposed to light.

Solar furnaces: Solar furnaces use many strategically placed reflective surfaces, like mirrors, in order to concentrate all of the sunlight into a single point. This small space of concentrated energy creates an extreme amount of heat which can be used for making electricity, melting steel, or creating hydrogen fuel.

California is the number one leader in the States utilizing the powerful resource. It is 47% solar.

I encourage you to go to your local Home Depot and ask more about solar panels for your home. They are licensed installers and will be able to help you get started today! Great way to save on those utility bills that keep rising!


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