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Don’t Steal Someone Else’s Thunder…It’s Not Just a Game! Inspire!

So today I had the enjoyment of looking out my window on what appeared to be one of the most beautiful days in a long time...the sun was shinning and the birds were chirping and flying around with the joys of freedom! As I look in the distance I could see a family playing on the basketball courts enjoying the wonderful Sunday afternoon.  In observing them for some time I saw the Father overpowering the horseplay by stealing the ball off of his young son who was so enjoying just dribbling around and attempting a shot here and there.  The Father then kept shooting shot after shot as if he was the only one on t ... Click to Continue

How to Make the Right Decision in Selling or Buying Your Home

I meet with a lot of great people in my line of work as a Real Estate Investor or Residential Redeveloper.  Some people I meet want out of their home to downsize and save on bills, others need to get out before foreclosure hits and some just want to stop being a homeowner and rent.  On the flip side I meet people who are looking to buy wanting to start a family and excited about the new journey in life of home ownership, etc.   In either situation it is a wonderful opportunity for me to offer real estate solutions to fit their needs. The pressure of today’s economy has everyone second guessing exactly wh ... Click to Continue

The 5-Minute Guide to Flood Insurance: What It Is, How It Works, and Whether You Need It

  You've got house insurance, and assume your property is covered for any type of detrimental occurrence that can possibly take place. However, not all homeowners are aware that home insurance policies don't necessarily cover damage related to a flood, as the risks are too great. As a result, homeowners must purchase flood insurance through a private company. Floods are one of the most common hazards in the US, costing billions of dollars in damage to properties every year. What Is Flood Insurance? Flood insurance policies are typically made available to homeowners in flood-prone ... Click to Continue

Low-cost Effective Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter!

The cold weather is officially here, and heating your home turns expensive, fortunately there are plenty of things savvy homeowners can do to keep their winter-season energy costs low.  Many of these things cost very little and some are even free! Let’s jump right into the money saving tips, starting with the freebies… 1)      Turn that thermostat down Energy experts suggest keeping your thermostat no higher than 68 degrees, and lowering the temperature to about 65 while you're gone and overnight.  The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) says that l ... Click to Continue

Thinking About a New Floor? Five Excellent Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring when Remodeling

If you're remodeling, you should seriously consider updating your flooring. A new hardwood floor will give your home an impressive look and prevent scratches and stains. Here are five very good reasons why you should consider a hardwood floor for your next remodeling project. Hardwood Is More Durable Than Other Materials Hardwood is much more durable and longer lasting than many other flooring materials. If there's a lot of traffic in your home, hardwood floors are less likely to get scratches and dents than vinyl tiles or laminated floors. On weaker floors, damage is often permanent - but with hardwood flo ... Click to Continue

Thinking About Refinancing Your Mortgage? A Look at Refinancing Rates and Predictions for the Rest of 2016

  Mortgage rates have been so low for so long that it's hard to believe there are any homeowners left who haven't refinanced their mortgages. But there are still people who can benefit, and conditions are still strong for refinancing. Below are some predictions for 2016 and how the refinancing market will shape up. Rates Will Remain Low, At Least For A While Mortgage rates moved back below 4 percent in the latter stages of 2014 and stayed that level in 2015 and now here in 2016. For homeowners who still have a mortgage rate that's around 4 1/2 to 5 percent, that makes it worth it to refinance. Howev ... Click to Continue

Three Reasons Why Setting Your Listing Price is the Most Important Aspect of the Home Sales Process

  Have you decided to sell your home, perhaps to make an upgrade to a newer, larger house? Whatever your reasons for selling, you'll have a number of decisions to make as you craft your listing and begin receiving offers from buyers but few are as important as your initial selling price. Let's take a look at three reasons why setting your listing price is the most important factor in your home sale. Reason #1: You Can Scare Off Potential Buyers With A High Price You'll receive the majority of your buyer interest in the first few days and weeks after you place your home up for sale, so it's critical ... Click to Continue

The 3 Minute Guide to Real Estate “Flipping” and How to Get Moving Today

If you've been thinking about investing in a real estate project you may have considered buying a distressed house or two at a steep discount in order to fix them up and sell them at a higher price. This is known as "flipping", and in today's post we'll share a quick guide to flipping homes and how to get started with this type of real estate investing. Assessing Your Budget and Tolerance for Risk We'll start by stating the obvious: when you buy real estate with the intent of flipping it, losing money is a very real possibility. You'll need to assess your own tolerance for risk and decide how much you want ... Click to Continue

Off the Topic of Real Estate…Not Really!

Do you remember that first day when you found the house that just melted your heart away?  You know the one where before you even owned it you had already sanded and refinished the old painted solid oak rolling staircase in your mind and brought it back to life. The house where you could already envision a Family and their kids sitting in the kitchen enjoying Family time at the dinner table, that you searched high and low for, for that special touch…..if you are a Residential Redeveloper like myself and love what you do you know what I am talking about.  This business is addicting in ways that can't even be e ... Click to Continue