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Three Hot Renovations That Will Boost Your Home’s Value Without Breaking the Bank

  Are you feeling the "renovation itch" or perhaps looking for a fun project that you can take on which will provide you with a return on your investment? There are numerous home upgrades and renovations that can add value to a home without costing a large sum of money to complete. Let's take a look at three popular home renovations that can increase your home equity without draining your bank account. Paint Your Home Inside and out Painting the interior or exterior of your home costs very little when compared to how much it can freshen up your home's appearance and increase its value. Painting is a ... Click to Continue

Hiring the Right Contractor for your Renovation Project

Whether you’re a homeowner hiring someone for a small home improvement or a real estate investor taking on a major rehab project, it is critical to find and choose the right contractor. This guide will give helpful tips for locating and hiring a contractor, as well as developing a good working relationship.  Even if not from personal experience, everyone’s at least heard a few contractor horror stories.  Fortunately, most of the construction project problems and complaints could have been avoided or at least seriously reduced, if homeowners and real estate investo ... Click to Continue

Roof Restoration 101: Preparing Your Roof for the Harsh Winter – and when to Call in Professional Help

While the days may be relatively warm and sunny right now, the transition into the "winter" we've grown to know here in Pennsylvania will soon be upon us. Winter weather can be harsh, and it can also be destructive to your property. From the snow and ice to the frigid temperatures, winter can wreak havoc on a property. One of the best steps that you can take now while the weather is warm is to restore your roof to prepare for the harsh winter ahead. This effort today will minimize damage that the home may endure throughout the cold months of the year. Here are some steps you can take to winterize your roof bef ... Click to Continue

It’s Not Just Real Estate….

If you have ever had a dream, a passion, a love for "something", “someone”, a knowledge that there is something bigger/better calling you, you know where I sit tonight as I work into the wee morning hours again. I don’t just buy and sell real estate…for me it is so much more. The passion that drives me is an indescribable euphoria filled with so much love for my community and for people in general.   It is for Terri whom I bought my first property from. I met her driving through town as she placed a “For Sale” sign in her yard. Her world was crushed by the loss of her Father and the burden of dealin ... Click to Continue

Five Elegant Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Living Room

When it comes to selling your home, there are many measures you can take as a homeowner to increase its value and appeal. You can often accomplish this through something as simple as updating your home's light fixtures. Here are some easy lighting solutions you can bring into your home that will transform your living room, and make the space much more appealing to your prospective home buyers. Add A Chandelier For A Shimmery Focal Point Here’s how you can lend your living room an air of class that can't be paralleled: install a beautiful crystal chandelier. As something that never goes ou ... Click to Continue

Removing Smoke and Pet Odors from a Home

  As exciting as selling or buying a home should be, there's no denying that it can be a stressful endeavor for those interested in making their investment an attractive option for buyers. Nowhere is this more evident than for homeowners who were former smokers or even pet owners who have allowed their pets to do as they please on the carpets, hardwood or linoleum flooring throughout the home. While it's truly commendable to quit smoking or to train your pet, removing the smell of these preexisting odors from a home can feel like an impossible task. With that in mind, here are some of the most effective w ... Click to Continue

Considering a Major Home Addition?

  Before you make a major structural change to your property, it is important to consider how this will affect your resale value. While there are many steps that you can take to improve your property, the addition of a detached garage may be beneficial to you and may drastically improve your resale price when you are ready to sell. You can contact a trusted real estate agent today to obtain customized information about how the addition of a detached garage may affect your property's value. Adding Square Footage to Your Home As a property owner, you may be well aware that one of the ... Click to Continue

Experiencing ‘Purchase Anxiety’? How to Calm Your Nerves Before Committing to Buy a New Home

                  Whether this is your first big purchase, or your family is moving to a new location or you are looking for more space, buying a home has its share of ups and downs. It's perfectly normal to feel anxious about whether or not you've found the right property. In fact, this “purchase anxiety” can even be found when buying home after home as a Real Estate Investor. The question is, is how can you calm your nerves, seal the deal and make the right decision? Do The Math You've probably already done this, ... Click to Continue

Feng Shui: How This Ancient Art Can Help Improve Your Home Staging

                  It is a buyer's market, making home selling a challenge that can range from relatively simple to downright frustrating. Boosting ones' chances of selling their home can be done in a number of ways. One simple way is to utilize the art of Feng Shui - an ancient Chinese art, used to manipulate the flow of energy in your home. Feng Shui can be as inexpensive or as costly as you would like. Using what is already on hand is one way to keep it free, but sometimes a simple coating of paint on the front door or a few decorative p ... Click to Continue

Surrounding yourself with positive people…Vegas?

This weekend I am enjoying every minute networking and learning from the most humble, hard working people and awesome state-of-the-art educators....FortuneBuilders!  The caliber of not only the Staff but the other 1400 + Investors who have attended the event is far beyond what I could have imagined! It is amazing how surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, energetic, passionate people with the same end goal of helping others in the business and in giving back to society...passing it forward does for your soul!  Life is about these moments and the moments created thereafter!  It will have you wanting ... Click to Continue