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How to Make the Right Decision in Selling or Buying Your Home

I meet with a lot of great people in my line of work as a Real Estate Investor or Residential Redeveloper.  Some people I meet want out of their home to downsize and save on bills, others need to get out before foreclosure hits and some just want to stop being a homeowner and rent.  On the flip side I meet people who are looking to buy wanting to start a family and excited about the new journey in life of home ownership, etc.   In either situation it is a wonderful opportunity for me to offer real estate solutions to fit their needs. The pressure of today’s economy has everyone second guessing exactly wh ... Click to Continue

Are Open Houses Still Important in Selling a Home? Three Reasons You May Want to Save Your Time

              Whether you're in the early stages of the home selling process or your home has been on the market for some time, you may be considering hosting an open houses or two in order to welcome potential buyers in to see your property. Let's take a look at three reasons you may want to consider an alternative to an Open House, which may lead to a faster sale for you. Most Buyers Start Their House Hunt Online According to statistics from the National Association of REALTORS®, the majority of homebuyers begin their house hunt by browsing through ... Click to Continue

To RealeFlow or Not to RealeFlow?

Throughout the last week and a half I decided to spend some time reviewing and using the new RealeFlow Software. Before I go into what I have learned and my thoughts on how the software works I have to give you a little background about myself. Years ago, prior to getting involved in real estate, I was hired by company that truly had no system in place to keep track of their clients and potential clients. Contact names were everywhere! Each Employee, from the General Manager to the Engineers to the Marketing Department, Regional Managers, etc. were keeping contacts in their notebooks, on a sticky pad or in the ... Click to Continue