Off the Topic of Real Estate…Not Really!

Do you remember that first day when you found the house that just melted your heart away?  You know the one where before you even owned it you had already sanded and refinished the old painted solid oak rolling staircase in your mind and brought it back to life. The house where you could already envision a Family and their kids sitting in the kitchen enjoying Family time at the dinner table, that you searched high and low for, for that special touch…..if you are a Residential Redeveloper like myself and love what you do you know what I am talking about.  This business is addicting in ways that can’t even be expressed.  Helping Families out of tough situations and creating new opportunities for them is priceless!  Here at Clean Green Real Estate we so enjoy finding both residential and commercial properties and suiting the property for the next buyer… finding a Win-Win Solution for All!  You just can ‘t beat the excitement!   If you happen to have a property you need to sell or if you are looking for a property to buy contact us today at 724-207-1129 for the personal touch you deserve!  Real Estate is what we do and we look forward to serving you!


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