Want to Save Money?

Conserve water! Water is a precious natural resource, and because at least two-thirds of the United States have recently experienced water shortages, it’s important to do our best to conserve water which helps us to save money.   Follow these tips for your home and office:

1)   Make a Plan. Share your commitment to others so that you can buddy up and help change the world!

2)   Purchase Wisely. Consider water usage when purchasing ice makers, refrigerators and dishwashers for your office or home.

3)   Water Efficiency in Toilets: Upgrade toilets with water-efficient models. Make sure all faucets have water saving aerators.

4)   Check Toilets for Leaks. Put food coloring into the tank. If color appears in the bowl without flushing, there’s a leak. Fix the leak and save of gallons a month and dollars on your water bill.

5)   Eliminate Daytime Landscape Watering.  Water at night when the temperature is lower. It is also better for the plants.

Hope these tips can be implemented soon so they can help you and your business make a difference.

Don’t forget to monitor your progress! You will see the savings and be able to see the progress you have made.  This is also a great educational tool for your children.  Make it a fun project that has great rewards for everyone!

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