FortuneBuilders Ignite Event Post Game Analysis



In life I am constantly reflecting upon my days… these past few days at the Real Estate Ignite Event that FortuneBuilders has put on has me not only excited me about the next level I will take my companies but it has resonated within a deep part of my soul.

I have always been at peace or blessed with what I have been doing with my life in the moment in which it was happening or taking place….yet I have always felt there was something more that has been calling me. Even though, I have reached certain pinnacles in which I felt I found “It” more growth and further reaching has been needed. Each step on this journey I have been living has been beyond sweet! There still I know is more much more to come.. I know I can do more! Be more! Give/Help more!

And so, I decided some time ago to take a step in a new, in a right direction….helping people by providing a real estate solution company to my local area…Clean Green Real Estate, through educating myself with the best of the best in the industry, FortuneBuilders!

I have learned and also felt this indescribable connection with this group even at the first seminar I attended.  It is something that Jon Steingraber, who spoke at Ignite on IRA Wealth,  Getting Leads From Realtors and so much more put into these simple but powerful terms by asking “Who’s On Fire?”

You see, FortuneBuilders isn’t just about real estate…it is about personal development…finding out more and more about yourself each and every day and putting things in place for true self growth…a lifestyle change that starts from within, reaping the rewards internally and externally…beyond your comprehension!  Life, this path…is and has never about the money! Once you realize will “get it” and things begin to come full circle for you in your life in the best possible way. After all you can’t take the money with you at the end, but you can take your education via way of helping/teaching others to improve their lives and creating this chain reaction that spreads like wildfire!  Ahh a world of people paying it forward with great passion, curiosity, desire and pure respect for one another!  I feel this exact thing here with our FortuneBuilders Family. I truly do and it is ever so humbling!  I don’t want any event to ever end!

You see at times in my life, as you, I have had Naysayers around me who tried to plant that seed of doubt over and over again about the direction I wanted to go with my true passion that burns within.  I have fought these people in ways that have delayed my victories and milestones and yet by the grace of God I never gave up..nor did He ever give up on me (that story is a whole other blog!)..yes, it has taken me longer to get where I needed to be…for “I” let the Naysayers waste my time…totally my fault! Never again!  …..and I hope you will never let anyone do that to you again either! In fact we have to be strong…know what we want…and then go for it after getting the proper education to make it happen!

At times I beat myself up for I can’t help but think why I haven’t I moved farther ahead, farther along in certain aspects of my life….and at times we will all have those feelings of disappointments but if we don’t realize this…where we are and what we want, then how do we expect to change for the better or even realize how to get there?  I know for me the biggest part is that I need more knowledge for my own growth…this knowledge is on many different levels as there is always room to improve….and that is why I had to be in Vegas at Ignite with FortuneBuilders….to learn all that I can…from the best of the best!
I almost missed this opportunity….. In fact, many of you don’t know that I almost let my feelings, a tough situation at home distract me from being here….my Brother-In-Law’s triple bypass surgery and the overwhelming feeling that I had to be there to help my sister and her family during this time with their 5 kids.
See I have always been the one in the family to drop everything and help with whatever situation that came about…this has been because Mom & Dad have instilled in me and all of my Sisters and Brother that Family is always first.  I so cherish what they have taught me.  One other reason I have been the Go-To-Gal is because many of my career paths have been flexible enough that I have been able to do this.  This has been and will always be a great honor I take pride in, in being able to do for my Family…large family so you can realize how busy I have been all these years…8 sisters and 1 brother….so love it and love them!

Struggling with missing an opportunity to help my overwhelmed sister and my currently tight pocketbook I began to write an email to Support out of respect to cancel my trip…this email was never sent but written and I was so close to pushing send.  That little caregiver voice in my head, the guilt trip I was feeling made me write this draft email.  I almost pulled out of attending Ignite which has been one of the most life defining moments for me that I have ever experienced.
Through the support of my twin sister and her words of wisdom I was able to be in Vegas “where I needed to be”! This previous sentence is beyond dear to me for those close to me understand why this support, her support at this time has meant so much.  It was unexpected but ever so appreciated! Many of my sisters offered verbal support as well and offered to cover as needed helping my sister, kids and husband get through this time of recovery and healing.  See in my mind I felt I had to do it all, but truthfully without asking and sharing I would have never known that others were there to take some of the load….and so the Family pulled together! Awesome!

I made it to Vegas, to Ignite with a clear conscience, and an open mind for learning!  I was surrounded by not only the top educators in our industry but also precious like-minded, kindred souls that are and will continue to produce great things… not only for their Families but for their communities and within the FortuneBuilders support network as true ROCKSTARS…changing lives!  I am in awe of this Group…this Team…Our Team! I can’t even put into words what they mean to me! If you are part of it you know!

Now don’t get me wrong there are people from all walks of education that have great value, that are unbelievable with the knowledge they have.  They are passionate and they too giveback in so many ways! These people are also dear to me and mean a great deal, for they too have helped many to learn… however when you have a roomful of over 1400+ people with the same mindset, extreme energy and true synergy it is ever so POWERFUL!  It is something most never get to experience in life because they don’t step out of their comfort zone and go for what they have only dreamed of, which is so sad.  I do hope you take advantage of these opportunities if you are or are not part of FortuneBuilders already to be there…to learn…to network and most importantly to grow yourself!

No matter who you are, where you have come from in your education I would suggest that you surround yourself with people that allow you, help you, encourage you to grow and those that will challenge you to be a better person! There should be no room in your life for people who drag you down.  You are worth so much more than that…and you need to see it!  Start today!  It will change your life, your outlook and your business!  Happy Investing! Happy Finding You!  Keep that fire alive within and share it with everyone….which has me asking Jon Steingraber’s awesome words to you…”Who’s on fire?”
You got this! We got this! Let’s go make our dreams happen!


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